Fish Are Friends - Naked I Records Spring Sampler 2015

by Naked I Records

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Master Harker
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Master Harker I actually can't fault any tunes on this compilation- A collection of acoustic and full band songs that are all unhinged, upbeat and mad as a lorry
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released March 20, 2015



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Naked I Records Crestview, Florida

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Track Name: Hover Hands - Schrödinger's Cat (Probably Dead Version)
Our loving founder and leader, Michael Copeland, and his ragtag drum machine are Hover Hands. He wrote and produced some intrinsic songs that were good, but is writing a new full length that takes on a variety of themes much like this one does!
Track Name: Cute Fills - Tour Mimosa
Cute Fills just released an album with us in mid february called World Golf Hall of Fame. It's free on their bandcamp! It's well produced, original emo. Cameron also makes a pretty good Ramen Noodle Stir Fry
Track Name: Worst Party Ever - Kicking (Myself in the Face)
Worst Party Ever are a group of kids out of Sarasota, FL who are way too nice for how good looking and talented they are. They might be a pop punk band.
Track Name: Carl - I Feel Better
Carl is the solo outlet of Worst Party Ever's Brian Campbell. It's really pleasant and it's a lot of synthetic sounds with low mixed, fuzzy emo vocals. He also has a chiptune band called ShadyNasty!
Track Name: Al Mirabella - Checkbook (Lo-Key Version)
Most songs Al Mirabella puts out are fast paced, bluegrass backed poppy punk songs. This is a B-side recorded on a phone one sick night with Amanda Martins on keys!
Track Name: Sticker Kids - Seatbelts and Airbags
Sticker Kids are the sexy faces of our label. Mainly the only reason we release them is they are so goddamn pretty. Beneath all that beauty, though, are two of the most original folk punk artists in Pennsylvania writing songs in the same vein as the Mountain Goats and Dave Dondero.
Track Name: Sip & Spillon - 4 Feet
Sip & Spillon are two kids from PA we found online who produce genuine music. It's very folk punky.
Track Name: Betty, Betty Blackfoot - Clockwork
Betty, Betty Blackfoot are a clusterfolk band and some would say our token crust kids. We think they're rad--and to top it all off, this track was produced by Cute Fills' own Cameron Harrison!